Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aspirations and New Possibilities in 2011!

     I found a blogging opportunity from TwitterMoms and Oprah. They want to know about my aspirations, plans and new possibilities in my life for 2011. 2011 happens to be a big year for me. I plan to graduate college. This is a huge goal and scary time in my life. It can be very scary to know that I have been living a sheltered life for the past 22 years, and it is almost time to be on my own. There are many goals that I hope to accomplish in 2011.  I hope to live a healthy life, find a job, find a house, and be the best daughter/sister that I can possibly be in 2011. 
       My main goal in life is to become a physical therapist. I would absolutely love to help people. I plan on applying this March. It is very competitive to get into physical therapy school, but I am working as hard as I can so that I may begin the next part of my life. I am working harder than I have ever worked in my life and I am hoping to become a better, more successful person because of it.  I also would love to find a job, so that I make work through school. I am applying at places that would help me to secure a future in physical therapy. Losing weight is also on my priority list. I am trying to eat healthier and exercise more often. This is a daily struggle, but I am hoping that 2011 will be better than 2010. I have joined a gym in order to help me, and I am still searching to find a source of accountability. Getting out of college will also mean losing the place where I am currently living. This means that I also need to find a home. Things seem pretty scary right about now. I am graduating school, finding a job, deciding my future, and finding a new home. 2011 shows to be a promising year. I hope to have a great year filled with growth and learning experiences to share with all of my readers. 
     I hope that 2011 will be the year that we are all hoping for. The year that we finally take the leap of faith that we need in order to grow to become the people that we want to be. I hope that together we all may hold each other accountable in helping each other to achieve our goals. 

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